Sunday, October 31, 2010

20 years in the making

Well...I guess it's 19 years in the making, but 20 just sounded better.  You might be wondering what I am talking about...well let me tell you.  When I was 10 years old, I met my best friend Amy.  We were in the same 5th grade class, rode the bus together, and lived in the same neighborhood.  We were practically attached at the hip.  We spent a lot of time together at each other's houses.  It was at Amy's house where I first experienced and learned about foster care and adoption.  Her family fostered at least 5 children that I can recall during the time we were in school together.  I can remember getting very attached to those kids.  The first little boy I can remember was named Luke and he was two when they first got him.  He couldn't say my name right, so he just called me "Bina" and it stuck.  I also remember the day I first met Caleb, the 5 year old they ended up adopting.  He seemed to fit right in like he was there all along.  I would have never thought that these experiences almost 20 years ago, would have left such an impact on me.  Since then, I have always had a heart for adoption.  I can honestly say that the Lord used the Webster's to plant the seed for adoption in me so long ago. 

The reason I have been thinking about this lately is that this past week I was in Houston for a work conference and Amy and I got to meet up for dinner.  Life gets so busy and we live in different cities.  We tried to remember the last time we saw each other, and we think it was almost four years ago at her wedding.  The great thing about a friendship like this is that we have always been able to pick right up where we left off.