Friday, July 29, 2011

A quick update

So, the good news is that Hunter decided to stay in a little while longer.  Praise God - He answered our prayers and the meds she took worked.  Stephanie went to the doctor the next day and called me afterwards.  She said the Dr. did an ultrasound and the baby looks great.  He told her to "keep him in there for 9 more days."  After that, if she goes into labor, then they will let her deliver.  So we are so excited and are counting down the days until we get to see our son for the first time.  Please continue to pray for Hunter and Stephanie as we are almost there!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Well as I type this entry, we are waiting on an update from our birthmom.  Our caseworker called about an hour and a half ago (about 9:15 pm) to say that Stephanie went into the hospital with contractions and is 2 cm dilated.  This is very exciting, but a little troublesome.  She is just about 34 and a half weeks along so we still have some time to go.  We want baby Hunter here but would really like him to stay in for at least another week or two.  I talked to Stephanie on the phone a little while ago and she and the baby are doing fine.  She said the contractions don't bother her so much and they have given her medicine to slow them down.  She is still deciding on whether or not to take the other meds they are recommending.  She said the baby is moving around a lot, so we think he is just ready to come out.  I guess he doesn't know that he has a little more growing to do.  So now we just wait by the phone to see if we need to rush off to the hospital.  Yikes!

In other news, we took Stephanie and her sister to lunch on Sunday.  We had a great time with them.  We really enjoy their company and they are sweet girls.  I knew that this was probably the last outing we'd have with her before the baby was born, but I didn't think he could come this soon!

A couple of weeks ago, Noel and I spent the weekend in Wimberly.  I found a "cozy" little cabin on a creek.  Unfortunately there was no water in any creek and hardly the river.  We still had a great time though.  We celebrated Noel's 31st birthday and decided to have a last "getaway" before Hunter is here.  Here are a few pictures from our trip: