Tuesday, June 26, 2012

9 Months

Yes, Hunter is already nine months old...actually he will be 10 months in just a few days.  This little boy is just growing up so fast.  He is crawling all over the place, standing, dancing, clapping, waving, and getting into everything.  Just when we thought out house was baby proof...he finds something new to get into.  Did I mention that he says "mama," "dada," and "bye bye?"  Yes, I know what you are thinking.  We were skeptical too and thought they were just sounds, but he started saying these specific words appropriately and with meaning.  We are not sure what came first mama or dada, but we will call it a tie.

Hunter continues to be the happiest baby around.  He laughs hysterically at almost anything, especially Charlie.  Those two are best buds- well it may be a one-sided relationship.  At least Charlie is still faster than Hunter and can still get away from him when he wants to.  Hunter is a big fan of swimming.  He loves to splash in the water and squeal.  I do think my child is part monster though. If you have been around Hunter for any length of time, then you will know the awesome growling sound he makes SUPER loud.  It just comes out of nowhere sometimes.  Everyone we know thinks it is funny,  but I am not so sure about people at HEB or Wal-Mart yet.

Hunter is into a new stage that if we tell him no, or heaven forbid try to put a diaper or clothes on him, he will throw a fit.  I tell him that he is only nine months old and shouldn't know how to throw himself back and kick and scream.  Where do these kids get this?  He is also starting to get whiny at times.  I find myself telling him "is that what you want to get upset about?"  Or he will cry when I leave the room and I tell him, "you know mommy will never leave you, so don't be sad."  I look at him and can't help but think that these little insignificant things are so important to him that he gets distressed over it, how silly is that?  I feel like God's given me a bit of perspective of how we view things when compared to His bigger picture.  What is big for us is so small for God.  Just like Hunter thinks he will not get fed if he doesn't bang his hands on the high chair tray, we think God will not meet our needs and we worry.  Nothing like having a child to give you some perspective :)

Here are a few pics from this month and my precious baby boy:

 Swim time
One of us is in baby jail, not sure who though

Watch out world! Here I am!

 I love to listen and dance while Daddy plays guitar for me

   Hunter's first tractor ride with Papa

 Hunter and his girlfriend Hadley

  I'm so excited!

Hunter's friends: Hadley, Isaac, Hannah,and Luke