Friday, October 28, 2011

Busy boy

Hunter has had a busy week.  We have gone to two Halloween parties, taken a road trip to Dobbin, and had dinner with friends every night this week.  We also went to his daycare to meet his teachers.  He smiled at them and they seemed very nice.  Whew!  Mommy is tired!  We also had a marathon shopping session yesterday.  Hunter and I were on a mission to find mommy some new boots.  Mission was accomplished after the first store we went to, but I had to make the most of this shopping trip so we shopped for four more hours and bought nothing.  Hunter had only one meltdown in the restroom of Hobby Lobby, but that was quickly resolved with a bottle.  He must have been exhausted from our busy day because he slept for 6 hours straight last night, took his bottle, and then slept for 2 1/2 more!  It was wonderful!

Here are a few pictures from the last couple of weeks.

This is Hunter's BFF, Ben.  

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Greats

Hunter is the 8th great-grandchild in both of our sides of the family.  What are the chances of that?  We have all heard of lucky number 7, but I think 8 is pretty lucky.  Every time our families get together with our grandparents I can't help but sit back and look at how this family has grown.  What started off as two people in love 60+ years ago has grown into two huge families.  There is nothing like having four generations present in one place.  You can just see the Lord's blessing all around you.  Here are a couple of pictures of Hunter with his great-grandparents.

Noel's grandparents, GG and PawPaw Hunter

Briana's grandma, Great Granny Mattern

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall is here!

So I am happy to say here in the good city of San Antonio, the temperature has not been in the 100's for a few weeks now and I can even say the highs have been in the 80's lately!  So this must mean that Fall is finally here.  Well, "Fall" in South Texas actually means "not scorching hot."  And even a bigger blessing is that we have had good rain for several days last week and the week before.  Praise God!  That is such a blessing, especially when you are worried about your city literally burning because it is so hot and dry.  So now I have commented on the weather, I will also tell you what Fall brings in the Burns household...pumpkin patch pictures and Halloween costumes!!!  Hunter has been a good sport when I make him play dress up so we can take pictures.

Last week, we had our first post placement visit with our adoption agency.  We met with them at their office.  I imagine this is one of the best parts of their job.  This is when they get to see the baby for the fist time with the adoptive family who they worked so long and hard with.  Hunter did not disappoint and save a nice, huge poopy diaper for us during our interview.  I guess this was a good thing because they got to see parenting in action.  They asked pretty basic questions and it went really well.  All the staff came in to see Hunter and talk with us.  They "ooohhhhhed"  and "ahhhhhhed" over Hunter and said that he is the cutest baby!  I know they must say that to every parent, but I just don't get tired of hearing it.  It is so much fun to show Hunter off.  He was in a great mood and smiled and talked to all the ladies there. We did find out some upsetting news about Hunter's birthmother.  Without giving much detail, it seems her past caught up with her and she got into some trouble with the law.  This all came down on her just a few weeks after Hunter was born and some other very hard things occurred in her life.  Please be praying for her. I can't imagine this to be any less than the rock bottom point in her life.  Pray that she turns to Jesus more than anything else and that she can use this to turn her life around for good.

Here are a couple more pictures just because my son is so handsome and I had to share.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ask- by Candes

Below is a poem that my friend Candes wrote about a very special answered prayer that she witnessed first hand.  Candes is one of my very best friends who I have known for almost 7 years.  Our husbands and us lead our small group at church so we have become very close over the years.  They walked with us hand in hand during our fertility issues and then through this adoption journey.  I can not even imagine how many prayers were said or thought by our friends and family.  Here is a beautiful picture of God's mercy and grace.  With her permission she let me re-post this.  Get your tissues ready...


October 2, 2011 by piecesofcandi


You asked me for a child
Two years later I answered
your cries

I did not lie
I did not turn a deaf ear
Nor did I hide

I waited
For just the right time
For just the right mom
For just the right child

When you thought I was far away
I wove together a woman’s life
that was falling apart

I softened her heart and strengthened yours

I brought her tenderly to My side
and refined you through the fire
all at the same time.

How brilliant you are to me
How much stronger and more promising
are your futures because of my perfect
plans for you

She asked for wisdom
So I gave her an answer

You have a child
and now … I do too

God’s answer to our prayers is never just for us but the audience of witnesses that surround us and all of eternity .God will sometimes give me pictures. I was inspired by a picture I saw in my mind of my dear friend Briana and her new adopted son, Hunter. I thought I was going to have to stage the picture but then she posted a picture that shouted “THIS is it! This is what I saw!” With her permission I am sharing it with you. This is what an answered prayer looks like, years of toil and tears, a prayer coming to fruition.

Don’t give up. Press on. Persevere.

This is a message not only for you but for me as well. Isn’t it worth it?

Monday, October 3, 2011

Annoying things people say

I have noticed a few repeated comments that people say when you are about to have a baby or just had one.  These are the top few annoying comments that I get ALL the time.

Before Hunter was born, I got this one A LOT:
"You'd better get your sleep now because when the baby is born you won't sleep for years."

Who has a "sleep bank"  where they can store up extra sleep to use at a later date?  I sure don't.  So why does sleeping extra now, help me?  If anything it will make it harder that I got use to more sleep than normal and far less after the baby arrives!   Also, you can stop pointing out that I will get less sleep,  I am aware of that and really don't need any more reminders. 

"You should cherish every minute of him.  He is only little for such a short time."

Thank you for telling me that I should cherish every minute with my child.  I wasn't planning on doing so.  Now that you told me that I will be sure to cherish him 100% of the time, instead of the 85% I was planning on.  Are you kidding me??  We have waited five years to have a child...what makes you think that you need to tell me to cherish my child??  And once again, thank you for the reminder that he will not stay little for long.  That makes me feel so much better because I was under the illusion that he would be 8lbs for at least the first year.

"Just wait until he grows up to be a teenager- uggggh!!"

Again, really?  Why must you insist that Hunter is going to be a horrible teenager.  Guess what- that is 13 years from now so I would like to just worry about poopy diapers and feedings for now.   All teenagers aren't horrible.  I know quite a few great teens.  I am also aware that he will be a teenager.  You really don't have to point that one out.  If he didn't grow up to be a teenager we would have a bigger problem.  Thank you Debbie Downer.

I just have to think that the people to say these things don't mean any harm, but you don't have to always say the cliche' thing.  And don't worry, these are just thoughts and I don't actually say them.  So next time you see us, please don't say any of these've been warned :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

One month

Today, Hunter is one month old.  I can't believe how fast time flies!!  In the past month, Hunter has met most of his family and friends.  We had two great visits with the grandparents.  Hunter did suffer from "grandma syndrome" the day after each grandparents left.  The symptoms include fussiness and crying when you are not holding him.  Fortunately this is a treatable condition that requires a lot patience, parenting creativity, and earplugs (just kidding).  It usually subsides within one to three days...usually.

Last weekend, Hunter and Noel had their first Father-son outing.  I was so exhausted Sunday morning, that I stayed home from church.  Noel decided to still go and take Hunter with him.  So we packed Noel's diaper bag and off they went.  I took a glorious 2 1/2 hour nap.  Noel said everything went well, despite the fact that Hunter came home in a different outfit.  He decided to "let his fountain flow" when Noel was changing his diaper.  Noel came home gushing about how much he enjoyed spending this one on one time with his son.  It was a very sweet moment, and even sweeter that I was well rested :)

Hunter and I go to Target about every three days.  It is only a mile and a half from our house so it is a safe outing.  I tend to buy one thing at a time so I have a reason to keep going back and getting out of the house.  The other day there was this man talking to one of the store clerks asking her opinion about a gift for a female teenaged relative.  I was behind them and he turned to me and said, "Maybe I can ask you because you look about her old are you?"  "Thirty" I replied.  He had a shocked look on his face and said, "Oh never mind, I thought you were 18."  After I was flattered that someone subtracted 12 years from my age, I was slightly disturbed that this man thought that I was 18 and had a baby.  I guess that is not that uncommon these days.

As Hunter changes daily, I continue to stalk him with the camera.  Here are a few pictures from our most recent mommy photo shoot.

Last weekend, Noel's work hosted a baby shower for Hunter and another baby that was born recently to staff from the Chemistry department at Trinity.  It was so sweet of them and we had a great time.  Hunter debuted his new 'do...the faux-hawk.

As a small thank you for hosting this shower, I was going to include this picture in the thank you card...I think they will appreciate this.

Hunter had his first play date today.  Some very good friends of ours had a baby girl three days after Hunter.  This sweet baby's name is MacKenzie.  We are not sure if it was love at first sight, but we think there was a spark.  She is really cute after all.