Thursday, April 28, 2011

The second lunch date and a new friend

On Saturday we met with Stephanie again.  This time she brought her older brother.  She said that he didn't really want her to give up the baby, so she wanted him to me us so he knows why she is making this decision.  We picked them up and went to The County Line on the River Walk.  It was a nice lunch and a beautiful day but she wasn't very talkative this time.  I think the brother brought a different dynamic and I kept having to remind myself of that.  Every time he went to the restroom she seemed to perk up a little.  I asked brother if he had any questions for us, and he just said "no, y'all seem cool and nice."  That was it- cool and nice. If that is all he needed to see than I am happy with that.  We all had ribs and Stephanie seemed really happy to satisfy that craving.  It was fun to see everyone going to town on those ribs with BBQ sauce all over the place.  Noel didn't disappoint and as usual entertained us by the massive amount of meat he ate :)

That night we had the "birthday bash" with our friends.  If we weren't full enough on the ribs, we sure were after the carb fest at Spaghetti Warehouse.  It was awesome!!!

Here's a funny story for you...on Wednesday I was looking through our adoption agency's website at the parent profiles.  I like to check it periodically to see when families get matched or their babies are born.  I find myself praying for them and rooting them on.  It is encouraging to see this happen.  Sometimes I have seen families that were matched and then not a few weeks later.  I know that pain so I definitely pray for them.  Anyways, I had a very random thought as I was looking at the profiles and seeing all the new families added recently-  "wouldn't that be funny if one of these families found me on face book to ask me questions?"  Totally random thought, right?  Well tonight when I checked facebook I had a friend request from someone who's picture I recognized but name I did not.  I then remembered that she was a "waiting" parent on the website!  Incredible, right?  So I send her a message and we ended up messaging each other back and forth.  This new friend is a wonderful Christian woman who recently started the process with our agency and had some questions.  She shared her blog with me and as I was reading it, I almost felt like I was reading my own.  I love how God does things like this.  And I know she is probably reading this entry now just laughing about the wonderful God-thing this is. So, Hi Karen!  For those of you who read my blog, please be praying for Karen and her family as they are on the adoption journey too. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

A new decade

Last week I entered a new decade of life-- my thirties :)  I just can't think of much to say about it at this point; it just felt like any other Tuesday.  I did come home to 3 dozen roses from my sweet husband.   We also went out to dinner at our favorite place, La Madeleine.  Other than that, it felt like any other Tuesday.  The real celebration will take place this weekend.  A good friend of mine is also turning 30 this month and we have two other friend's with birthdays this month, so we are having a big dinner together.  Can't wait for the carb fest!

My in-laws came in the weekend before last.  My father in law wanted to help Noel build a shed, so that is what they did.  Well, they got about a third of the way done.  So far, I am impressed at the work they have done.  The best part about this is that I haven't had to help Noel on it yet :)  We also worked on the nursery.  I made baby quilt and some curtains.  I will post pictures when I have it complete.  I still need to find some pictures to hang on the walls.  It is looking really cute so far though.

Just this past weekend, I went to a women's retreat for my church.  I got to spend the weekend with the Lord and several of my favorite girls.  We had a great time together.  Beautiful Lord, beautiful weather, and beautiful ladies!

 And my busy month is not over, also on Saturday we are meeting with the birth parents for lunch.  Stephanie told me she has really been craving some good ribs, so I have done my best looking for a good BBQ place.  We are looking forward to our lunch date with them and getting to know them better.  Please pray for this meeting that we may be a blessing to them and that she may grow more confident in us and her decision.